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Extra Wide or Extra Long Tall Shower curtains & Large Sizes

Extra Long Shower Curtains
We have many curtains more than 72 inches - with extra height in an extra long drop of 200cm - (approx 72 X 78 inches) and over. Please see individual shower curtain descriptions in the Extra Long Shower Curtains department. There are both polyester and vinyl/pvc curtains in this section.

We also stock curtains taller than this - eg 220cm - approx 72 x 86 inches. When you are on the extra long page, use the tick box panel on the left of the screen to choose your size or use the search eg find shower curtains size 210  82 inch  

Extra Wide & Large Shower Curtains
If you need extra width we have curtains that are wider than 71/72 inches. These are usually 240cm width across. eg approx 94 inches and can be found in the Extra Wide Shower Curtains  department. 

If you need a large curtain that is both wide AND long, for example 240 X 200cm - 94 X 78 inches, you can also find these in the same section. We also have a few odd sizes eg 210 or 213 cm 83/84 inches  To find these - go to the Extra Wide Shower Curtain page and use the tick box panel on the left of the screen to refine your size.

Custom Size Shower Curtain
Please be advised that we no longer supply custom sizes.

Shower Curtain Sizes & Conversion from cm to inches
All sizes are approximate. Only sizes available from stock are displayed in the online shop

Width (W) means the horizontal measurement across. Length (L) means the height from the rail to the floor (tall or drop) 

By convention, most UK sizes are shown as W x L eg 180 x 210  = 180cm Width x 210 Length/Height

Conversion to approx inches :                                
180cm - 71 inches
190cm - 74 / 75 inches
200cm - 78 inches
210cm - 82.5 inches
220cm - 86.5 inches
240cm - 94.5 inches

Visit Online Conversion if you want to check.

What if I can't Find My Size ?
If you need a short shower curtain, (eg, less than 180cm/71ins) these are quite hard to find ready made in the UK. One option is to cut down a longer one. Just trim a vinyl or plastic/pvc curtain with sharp scissors. These do not have weighted hems like the fabric curtains, so no need to re-hem. 

My size is ' in between' Try adjusting the height of your shower rail - most bath rails pop out from the wall or can be unscrewed or wiggled up or down a little. The ceiling supports on overhead cubicle and corner rails can also be trimmed down quite easily with a small hacksaw. (take them out first !) Another option is to try using larger/longer hooks for an extra inch or so..

I need something Extra Extra Large !  Shower curtains that are both long and wide over a certain size can be very bulky - difficult to dry out/wash and not so convenient eg in a wet room. Imagine being in a wheelchair & having to draw back an enormous curtain just to get out or reach a towel. One solution is to use two curtains & overlap them at the ends by a couple of eyelet holes - just hang these from the same hooks. You will still be able to wiggle an arm through the overlap without having to draw the whole curtain back...

Measuring up for shower curtains Unlike window curtains, those in the shower don't need to have a lot of fullness. Also bear in mind that it's not generally a good idea to have your curtain too long eg touching the floor or bottom of the bath or tray. See more on this in our Care of Shower Curtains page.

What Are the Shower Curtains Made Of ? 

Content is specified on each shower curtain product page eg: vinyl, plastic, polyester  or polyester & cotton mix.(see details for each one by clicking on the small pictures in the online shop) 

Where a curtain is specified as textile, we mean this as fabric or cloth & NOT vinyl or plastic /pvc or peva. Most fabric curtains are polyester with an odd few polyester/cotton mix.

All shower curtains are treated to be resistant to mildew and water in the shower. You will still need to wash your curtain regularly to maintain its appearance.

Please note - vinyl liners are not necessary with fabric curtains unless you have high water pressure, are using a power shower or the head is pointing directly at the curtain at close quarters. In these cases you may need to use a liner or a vinyl shower curtain

The majority of shower curtains have medium weighted bottom hems except for the vinyl/plastic. The days of extra heavy lead weights are gone (not very environmentally friendly) .